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2021 – In Review

After a challenging year of working through COVID19 in 2020, our operations were more normalized in 2021, even though supply chain disruptions and increased demand became a new challenge. It was business as usual for most of the year with vaccinations and fewer cases in NE Pennsylvania.

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Come Work for One of the Best Places to Work in NEPA

Are you a hard worker looking for an excellent job on a stable career path? We are looking for technicians who are a good fit with our company. Read to apply on online.

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DUAL MODE FORKLIFTS – Automated Solutions in Material Handling

Within the material handling industry, key manufactures have developed automated solutions to deal with the challenges of meeting consumer demand. One solution has resulted from dual-mode technology that uses both automated and manual functions.

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Employee Appreciation Day 2021

After a challenging year of working through COVID19 and recognizing Action Lift’s 21st Crown Summit Award, we were thrilled to hold our Employee Appreciation Day on July 23rd. Everyone enjoyed a catered lunch from Just Fred’s and ice cream from Manning’s Mobile Ice Cream Truck. Axe throwing from Axe Attack and corn hole provided some extra enjoyment.

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Buying a forklift? It's important to know the total cost of ownership.

There's no doubt that buying a new or used forklift requires a large upfront capital investment. The price is determined by many variables including the capacity, operating capabilities, engine type, brand, condition, and accessories. However, there are several “other” items to consider in addition to the initial cost of a lift truck.

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Planning Tips for Warehouse  Layout

Whether you are redesigning one of your business's current warehouses or building a new warehouse from scratch, you will need to consider a few things before committing to your first plan. The way your warehouse is designed will significantly impact your organization's efficiency and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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2020 ~ In Review

2020 has been described as unprecedented, challenging, and surreal, to name a few. Our lives have included new practices like social distancing, masking, and sanitizing. Phrases such as superspreader, quarantine, and stimulus became part of our daily news. Throughout it all, Action Lift has operated as an essential business.

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Forklift Batteries: Conventional vs. Opportunity vs. Fast Charging

Modern technology has influenced the lift truck in many ways, including the batteries that power them. One of the most significant demands of the supply chain is speed, combined with efficiency. Read more about the ways to charge lead-acid batteries.

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