SX 3000

walkie_stacker_productWalkie Straddle Stacker
3000 lb. Capacity

Multiple Lift Truck Advantages at Entry-level Costs
The SX 3000 Series stacker is ideal for applications that require heavier lift capacities, longer runtimes between charging, auxiliary hydraulics, and/or environmental conditioning. The 9.1″ battery compartment is capable of handling an industrial battery.

Features & Benefits

walkie_stacker_stsx_fab_power Power
24-volt powered lift and travel system.Four battery packs available with on-board charger.

walkie_stacker_stsx_fab_load_configLoad Handling Configuration
Adjustable outriggers and adjustable forks offer exceptional application flexibility.

walkie_stacker_stsx_fab_suspension Suspension
The X10™ handle, drive unit and drive tire are located in the center of the power unit providing maximum maneuverability, visibility and comfort.

walkie_stacker_stsx_fab_drive_unitDrive Unit
Heavy-duty gearbox with spur gears for low noise emission.
Drive unit is equipped with an electromagnetic disc brake that is spring applied and electrically released. Brake is activated by the control handle position. Brake rotor and disc are easily accessed for inspection and replacement. Regenerative motor braking assists brake effort and improves component life.

Drive unit mounts in truck frame with a permanently lubricated, twin-conical roller bearing that disperses load forces evenly, reducing maintenance and downtime.

walkie_stacker_stsx_fab_visibility Visibility
A clear-view mast and low-profile power unit allow operators to clearly see the forktips, providing excellent visibility and reducing product damage.Load positioning is enhanced with excellent visibility of the outriggers, fork tips, or either side of the pallet load.

walkie_stacker_stsx_fab_control_handleControl Handle
The robust X10™ control handle is designed to allow for an optimum turning radius with low-steer effort. All control buttons can be operated with either hand and can be accessed with minimum hand and wrist movement. The horn buttons are integrated in the hand grips. An ergonomic forward / reverse thumb wheel allows for precise maneuvering.

walkie_stacker_stsx_fab_control_handle_overrideDepending on conditions and operator experience, maximum travel speed can be reduced via the rabbit / turtle switch. Exclusive brake override allows slow-speed travel with the handle near vertical. This feature improves maneuverability in tight areas.

walkie_stacker_sx_fab_service Serviceability
Crown’s innovative InfoPoint® system simplifies troubleshooting for service technicians, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Easy access to battery compartment simplifies battery maintenance.

Service and parts manual recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.

Spec Sheet

walkie-stacker-st-sx-3000-profile-sheetSpec Sheet
Please click the link below to download the spec sheet for this product.

SX 3000 Series Specifications

Options / Accessories

A number of options and Work Assist™ options/accessories are available for the ST 3000 Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown walkie stackers to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.

General Options

  • Sideshifter
  • Freezer conditioning

Battery Options

  • 195 amp hour maintenance-free battery pack with on-board charger
  • 300 amp hour industrial battery

walkie_stacker_stsx_opt_freezerWork Assist™ Options

  • Load backrest tray
  • Platform

Work Assist™ Accessories

  • Clip pad and hook
  • Fan
  • Storage pocket
  • Remote raise / lower control