Our Employee Spotlight for March is Customer Service Representative Riley Gaughan. Riley has lived in Taylor his whole life, where he enjoys the small-town feeling, and most of his family lives nearby. Riley’s parents are Tara and Joe Gaughan, and he has three brothers, Evan, Jace, and Joey. Riley’s furry family member is a dog named Harley. Let’s get to know more about Riley.

AL: How long have you been with Action Lift?

I have been with Action Lift since April 2023

AL: Briefly, what does your job entail?

My position entails managing existing accounts as well as bringing in new accounts in my territory. My job is to be a resource and help our customers with their service and other needs.

AL: Who inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

My father and my uncles built our family business when they were about my age. Being around that environment helped me see the value of customer service and helping people with their various needs.

AL: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself continuing to work towards being the best version of myself in my career and other aspects of my life.

AL: What best advice can you give someone who just started their career?

My advice is to be willing to learn. Looking back on where I was when I first started with Action Lift, I did not know much. My willingness to learn from the many experienced people in the office has allowed me to really progress.

AL: What are the most demanding challenges you’ve had at work? How did you overcome them?

Getting people to see the value of what our company and I are trying to offer them is a challenge. Also, building a solid relationship and getting prospects to trust you can be a challenge as well.

AL: When you are at work, how do you motivate yourself?

Motivating myself in this position could be hard because I'm usually by myself. I like to think about everyone who works at Action Lift and tell myself that I must uphold the standard. Also, knowing where I want to be in the future helps me to keep going.

AL: Regarding successes, which accomplishments are you most proud of?

One of my most significant accomplishments was going away to school at Susquehanna University. I had to juggle being a student-athlete, but I was able to graduate with my bachelor's degree.

AL: How have you grown professionally while on our team?

Working with this company has given me very valuable experience that I'll be able to use throughout my career. Also, I have many coworkers who set an excellent example of someone to look up to.

AL: Tell me something about you that most people don’t know

I like to spend my free time reading as well as being outdoors.


Thanks for sharing, Riley!


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