DualMode Automated Forklifts

Introducing the T 1000 Series Tow Tractor and R 1000 Series Reach Truck with integrated DualMode functionality. Integrated automation technology provides excellent durability and protection in both fully autonomous and manual modes. Sophisticated communication and control architecture ensures reliable, scalable performance to dynamic changes in the production plan.

Flexible Automation that Evolves with Your Growth

Automation helps reduce costs and decreases repetitive manual tasks while providing consistent throughput. All Crown DualMode automated solutions can operate in either autonomous or manual modes. This flexibility empowers you to respond quickly and efficiently to dynamic changes in your operation. Trained employees can use the intuitive interface to switch between autonomous and manual operations easily.

Many autonomous material handling solutions are coming to market. Still, Crown is uniquely positioned to offer solutions-utilizing proven products, dependable technology, thoughtful integration, and a dedicated team to assist each customer through their automation journey. 



DualMode Automated Forklifts

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