Racking and Storage

With years of warehouse, logistics, and industrial applications experience, our in-house specialists can design a storage facility to increase product flow and warehouse productivity. At Action Lift, we supply standard pallet racking and much more. We offer comprehensive rack solutions through our top-notch suppliers and expert design and installation teams. From strategic planning to budget development, we bring value and expertise so we can work with you on the best solution for your needs. 

Cantilever Racks
Cantilever Racks are ideal for storing short, long, or awkwardly shaped items. Cantilever racking features a special arm system designed for easy front loading without obstruction.


Pallet Shuttle 

The Pallet Shuttle is a semi-automatic system that uses an electric shuttle to quickly and accurately load and unload the pallets inside compact racks quickly and accurately..


A high-density rack solution ideal for multi-pallet storage of low-rotation products. Adaptable to either a first in, first out system or a last in, first out system, the Drive-In/Drive-Thru is highly customizable.


Push Back Racking

Save space and increase storage density. LIFO system for same aisle loading and unloading of single-SKU storage. Push-Back racking allows multiple product storage conformations to ensure excellent selectivity.





Chris Moore

Chris Moore

Warehouse Solutions Manager
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