DUAL MODE FORKLIFTS – Automated Solutions in Material Handling

DUAL MODE FORKLIFTS – Automated Solutions in Material Handling

It's easy to acknowledge that technology is everywhere. It's harder to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced, "we-need-it-yesterday" world. Today, automation technology has become an efficient way to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.

Within the material handling industry, key manufactures have developed technology to offer automated solutions to these challenges. One solution has resulted from dual-mode technology that uses both automated and manual functions. If your operation is interested in automation but not entirely ready for a fully automated facility, the DualMode forklift may be the answer.

What is a dual-mode forklift?

A dual-mode forklift is a vehicle that can operate in both manual and automated settings depending on the facility's needs. The technology is based on automated equipment that you can use manually, not the other way around. 

How does it work?

DualMode vehicles utilize a switch to select between the automated and manual operating modes. Trained operators can move the user interface to return to automatic operation once manual maneuvers are completed.


Reduce Costs. Increase Efficiency. Automation helps reduce costs and decreases repetitive manual tasks while providing consistent throughput. They can eliminate the need for additional equipment by combining manual and automated forklifts into one. 

Reliable. Integrated automation technology provides excellent durability and protection in both full autonomous or manual modes.

Flexibility. Dual-Mode equipment can operate in either automatic or manual modes. This flexibility allows for a quick response to changes in your operation. 

Growth. As an operation grows and evolves in automation, so does the Dual Mode forklift. Lift truck operators can use the equipment in the autonomous mode more often as the facility increases its automation capabilities. 


Material handling operations are faced with ever-changing challenges. A big question is when to utilize automation technology to make things work better.  Forward-thinking executives will need to assess the benefits and risks. A DualMode forklift fleet that can switch from autonomous to manual may be the answer.

Schedule an assessment to learn how automation can streamline your operations. Even if you're not ready for full automation, you can maximize your investment with lift trucks and automation technology that can evolve with your organization. 


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