TR 4500

A Tugger Built for the Long Haul
The heavy-duty construction, innovative technology, and robust components that go into Crown forklifts are front and center in the TR 4500 Tugger. The AC drive unit is the most powerful and durable in the industry – able to handle 10,000-lb rolling loads with ease.

Effortless Handling in a Tow Motor
With the TR 4500, Crown made a tow motor that’s easier for operators to stay productive shift after shift:

  • Electronic Power Steering
  • X-10® Control Handle
  • Flexible Operating Positions
  • Shock-absorbing design
  • Frictionless e-Gen® braking

Tow Tractor
10,000 lb. Capacity

Features & Benefits


AC Drive Unit
The drive unit features robust in-line spur gears and Crown built AC drive motor for long-term performance and superior reliability. The drive unit is secured at the top and bottom for increased durability. Large taper roller bearings at the top absorb vertical and horizontal load forces. Four shock-mounted rollers at the bottom turn in a hardened steel roller race to further support the drive unit and absorb shock.


Drive Tire
The largest drive tire in this class of truck improves handling and decreases downtime resulting from rough floors and repeated towing of heavy loads.


e-Gen® Braking
Crown’s exclusive e-GEN braking system uses the powerful torque of the AC motor to deliver consistently reliable frictionless braking for the life of the truck. Managers and technicians benefit from the maintenance-free service brake.


Power Unit Frame
Heavy-gauge steel and structural gussets at the greatest points of stress make this frame the strongest and most durable in its class.


Power Unit Doors
Steel power-unit doors provide superior protection to internal components compared to other brands that use plastic covers.


X10® Handle
A unique design for the thumbwheel and hand grips eliminates awkward wrist positions so operators remain productive throughout the shift. The urethane covered hand grips provide comfort in any environment. The handle also remains within the compartment during turns. Because tuggers are used in demanding applications, the handle is made of cast aluminum with structural webbing to withstand the rigors of day-to-day operations.


Electronic Power Steering
With Crown’s innovative electronic power steering system, operators experience superior handing both on and off the truck. Power steering eliminates awkward body movements that contribute to increased fatigue and stress.


Operator Compartment
VA padded wrap-around backrest and shock-absorbing floorboard with premium microcellular floor mat provides best-in-class comfort. A low step height, wide platform and contoured edges on the backrest make stepping on and off or walking through the compartment quick and easy.


Diagnostics and Serviceability
Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3® technology provides advanced diagnostics for faster, simpler and higher quality service. CAN communication link between the controller, display and X10 Handle greatly simplifies wiring for enhanced reliability and improved diagnostics.

Crown’s exclusive InfoPoint® system allows technicians to troubleshoot without schematics, wiring diagrams or service manuals for over 95% of repairs.

Options / Accessories

A number of options and accessories are available for the TR 4500 Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown tow tractors to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


  • Manual stearing with a choice of “T” – handle or tiller handle
  • Molded urethane leg cushion
  • Tall battery wall
  • Storage module
  • Battery compartment rollers
  • Quick battery disconnect handle
  • Drive tire and load wheel options
  • Freezer/corrosion conditioning
  • Various hitches
  • Work Assist® Accessories (power steering required)

Spec Sheet

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TR 4500 Series Specifications

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