WP 3200 Series

The Crown WP 3200 Series is truly the “workhorse of the warehouse.” The 4500 lb. capacity pallet jack has precise and efficient controls, a responsive AC drive motor, and rugged components to face a variety of challenges.

A robust, reliable, and preferred pallet truck

The WP 3200 pallet truck series has been engineered to be both powerful and flexible to meet the requirements of many demanding applications. Whether it’s dock work, delivery service, stock replenishment, or heavy manufacturing, the WP 3000 pallet truck has the strength and durability to minimize your total cost of ownership.

Robust. This pallet truck features superior steel construction, highly engineered stability systems, and exceptional fork design.

Reliable. Crown understands that you need reliable uptime in your day-to-day operation. The WP pallet truck was engineered to minimize the cost of routine maintenance with innovative solutions that increase component life and reduce operating costs.

Preferred. Operators will experience greater control and smoother operation when working with tall, heavy loads in tight spaces. With the innovative X10® handle, advanced systems, and comprehensive approach to stability, the WP pallet truck makes pallet handling easier than ever.


Features & Benefits

AC Drive Unit
The largest, most durable drive unit in the pallet truck class means long-term performance. Two larger taper roller bearings secure the drive unit in place and absorb the constant shocks and impacts delivered when crossing expansion joints or docks. The brushless AC drive motor delivers powerful performance and superior reliability.

Crown’s exclusive e-GEN® braking system uses the power of the high-torque AC traction motor to deliver consistently reliable frictionless braking for the life of the pallet truck. Managers and technicians benefit from the maintenance-free service brake.

A Brake Override feature allows travel (creep speed) with the control handle in a nearly vertical position while staying within the geometry of the pallet truck.

Power Unit Frame
The WP  pallet truck features a heavy-gauge steel plate and castings throughout the chassis providing a rigid structure that won’t sag after years of heavy use.

Fork Assembly
Crown’s “C” channel design uses 8 mm steel in the fork construction and a pull rod linkage system to ensure strength and long life.

Adjustable fork linkage of the pallet truck ensures proper alignment of load wheels resulting in extended wheel life, improved pallet entry, and increased pallet truck stability. In addition, the boxed-in design of the fork tips prevents the build-up of debris.


Control Handle
Tactile and visual differentiation of controls provides a natural, more efficient interface for the left- and right-hand operation of the pallet truck. The X10® Handle incorporates a vacuum die-cast process using high-grade aluminum and benefits from structural webbing for maximum strength and durability.

Stability System
Two lift cylinders coupled with a torsion bar provide superior stability of the WP pallet truck on lift gates, uneven surfaces, and dock boards, even with off-center loads. The torsion bar ensures both forks carry the load forces equally, which extends the life of bushings and bearings.

The combination of the pallet truck’s low profile power unit and Crown’s exclusive fork tip indicators increases visibility at the fork tips for faster pallet entry.

Diagnostics & Serviceability
The standard display features an event code readout to clearly identify system status during pallet truck operation or start-up. CAN communication link between the controller, display, and X10 handle greatly simplifies wiring for enhanced reliability and improved diagnostics of the pallet truck.

Crown’s exclusive InfoPoint™ system allows technicians to troubleshoot without schematics, wiring diagrams, or service manuals for over 95% of repairs.

Key Options / Accessories

Battery Options and On-Board Charger

The WP Series offers a variety of power options, and a fully automatic onboard charger provides a convenient charging solution. Battery compartment sizes vary with the power option selected.

Options include:

  • Lead Acid
  • Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL)
  • Lithium-ion

Additional options and accessories are available for the WP Pallet Truck Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown pallet trucks to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.

powered pallet jackExamples:

  • Sealed high-frequency on-board battery charger
  • Single or tandem load wheels
  • Choice of drive tires
  • Freezer conditioning for operating
  • temperatures of –30°C
  • Battery roll-out system
  • Load backrest
  • InfoLink® Fleet Management System

For more information on the options and accessories available for the WP 3200 pallet truck, please CONTACT US or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.

Spec Sheet – WP 3200 Pallet Truck

Please click the link below to download the spec sheets for the WP 3000 Pallet Truck Series in English.

WP 3200 Pallet Truck Specifications

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WP 3200 Pallet Truck Brochure

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